We can design videowalls for various applications, such as digital signage, information display, collaboration, or entertainment.

FEW has a proven track record of delivering successful videowall systemprojects for various clients and industries.

Our videowall system solutions can display high-resolution contentfrom various sources, such as computers, cameras, or media players, on a singlelarge screen that consists of multiple displays. You can customize the layout,size, shape, and orientation of the displays to suit your needs and preferences.
LCD or LED displays
FEW’s videowall system solutions can use eitherLCD or LED displays, depending on your requirements and budget. LCD displaysuse liquid crystal technology to create images, while LED displays uselight-emitting diodes to create images. Both types of displays can offer highbrightness, contrast, and color accuracy. However, LED displays have some advantages over LCD displays, such aslower power consumption, longer lifespan, and better performance in outdoor or bright environments
Flat or curved screens
Depending on design and preference. Flat screenshave a uniform shape and size, while curved screens have a concave or convexshape that can create a more immersive and engaging viewing experience. Curved screens can also reduce glare and reflection, and enhance the senseof depth and perspective
Bezel-less or ultra-narrow bezel designs
Bezel-less or ultra-narrow bezel designs areavailable, depending on your aesthetic and quality expectations. Bezels are theborders or frames around the displays that separate them from each other.Bezel-less designs eliminate the bezels completely, creating a seamless anduninterrupted image across the entire screen. Ultra-narrow bezel designsminimize the bezels to a few millimeters or less, reducing the gaps between thedisplays to a barely noticeable level
Our videowalls offer you a stunning visualexperience with high-resolution content on a single large screen. You canchoose from various types and features of displays to suit your needs and preferences.
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