Secure and convenientaccess to your premises

Our access control solutions can regulate access to premises, using various devices and methods, such as locks, keys, cards, codes, or biometrics.

Protect your property, people, or assets from unauthorized or unwanted visitors or intruders. Manage the access rights and permissions of different users or groups, such as family members, employees, guests, or contractors.
Here are some of the features and benefits of our access control solutions
Cyber & Physical Security Convergence
FEW’s access control solutions can integratewith other security systems, such as video surveillance, intrusion detection,fire alarm, and intercom. This allows you to have a unified and comprehensivesecurity platform that can monitor and control both the cyber and physicalaspects of your home or building. You can also leverage the data collected from different sources toimprove your security intelligence and response.
Touchless Entry & AccessTechnology
FEW’s access control solutions can supporttouchless entry and access methods, such as facial recognition, QR codes,mobile credentials, or Bluetooth. This can enhance the user experience andconvenience, as well as reduce the risk of contamination and vandalism. You can also use touchless technology to enable contact tracing and socialdistancing in case of a pandemic or emergency.
Remote Management & Security
FEW’s access control solutions can be accessedand managed remotely via cloud-based or web-based platforms. This gives you theflexibility and scalability to control your access system from anywhere andanytime. You can also use remote management to perform updates, backups,audits, and reports on your access system. Furthermore, FEW’s access control solutions use encryption,authentication, and authorization to ensure the security and privacy of yourdata and communications.
Security System Unification
FEW’s access control solutions can unify yoursecurity system by using a single interface and database for all your devicesand methods. This simplifies the installation, configuration, maintenance, andoperation of your access system. You can also use security system unificationto create custom rules and workflows for different scenarios and events. For example, you can trigger a lockdown or an evacuation based on theinput from your video surveillance or fire alarm system.
Building Automation Through AI
FEW’s access control solutions can useartificial intelligence (AI) to automate your building functions and optimizeyour energy efficiency. You can use AI to analyze the patterns and behaviors ofyour users and adjust the lighting, temperature, ventilation, and otherenvironmental factors accordingly. You can also use AI to detect anomalies andthreats in your access system and alert you in real time.
Multi-factor Authentication
FEW’s access control solutions can usemulti-factor authentication (MFA) to enhance the security and reliability ofyour access system. MFA requires users to provide more than one form ofverification to gain access, such as a card and a code, a code and a biometric,or a biometric and a mobile credential. MFA can prevent unauthorized access byreducing the chances of lost, stolen, or duplicated credentials.
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