FEW’s IPTV system solutions can offer you morechoice, flexibility, and quality than conventional TV systems. FEW has theknowledge and skills to design, install, and support an IPTV system solutionthat meets your requirements and expectations.
Satellite TV service to multiple users or tenants in hotels,apartments, offices, schools, or hospitals, using a master antenna and adistribution network. Cost-efficient and Easily Expandable.

FEW also offers multiple variants of SMATV systems, such as analogor digital signals, circular or linear polarization, or single ormulti-satellite reception. You can use FEW’s SMATV solutions for variouspurposes and environments, such as palaces, hotels, schools, or hospitals.
Fiber optic distribution
This is a technology that uses fiber opticcables to distribute the satellite signals from the master antenna to theusers. Fiber optic distribution can offer higher quality, lower attenuation,and longer distance than coaxial cables. It can also support more channels andfrequencies1. FEW can offer you fiber optic distributionproducts from Televes, such as the FiberData series, which areoptical transmitters, receivers, splitters, and converters that can handle upto 32 satellite polarities.
Headend systems
These are devices that process and modulate thesatellite signals into a suitable format for distribution. Headend systems canoffer more flexibility, customization, and control over the channels andservices that are delivered to the users. They can also support variousstandards and protocols, such as DVB-S/S2/S2X, DVB-T/T2/C/C2/ISDB-Tb, IPTV, orOTT. FEW can offer you headend systems from Triax,such as the TDXseries, which are modular headend systems that can handle up to 256 input andoutput channels.
These are devices that distribute satellitesignals from master antenna or headend system to multiple users or units.Multiswitches can offer more efficiency, scalability, and compatibility thanindividual switches or splitters. They can also support various types ofnetworks and topologies, such as star, cascade, or tree. FEW can offer youmultiswitches from Triax, such as the TMDS series, whichare multiswitches that can handle up to 32 satellite polarities and 64 useroutputs.
If you are interested in learning more about our SMATV solutions,please contact us today. We would love to hear from you and help you createyour ideal SMATV system.
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