We offer a wide range of sound systems that cansuit your needs and preferences, whether you are looking for professionalaudio, CMDS, or public address systems.
Here are some of the features and benefits ofthe sound systems that FEW can offer you:
Professional Audio Systems
These are sound systems that are used for liveperformances, recording studios, broadcasting, or cinema. They requirehigh-quality components, such as microphones, mixers, speakers, amplifiers, andprocessors, to produce clear and accurate sound reproduction. FEW can provideyou with the best professional audio systems in the market, such as:
・ Yamaha Mixers: Yamaha is a leading manufacturer of mixers forvarious applications, such as live sound, broadcast, surround production, orinstallations. Yamaha mixers have earned the acclaim of top engineers aroundthe world for their reliability, superb sound, and intuitive operation. FEW can offer you the latest Yamaha mixers, such as the RIVAGE PMSeries, which are digital mixing systems that deliver the highest level ofsound quality and operability for live concerts and events
・Electro-Voice Speakers: Electro-Voice is a pioneer in the field ofloudspeakers and microphones, with a history of innovation and excellence thatspans over 90 years. Electro-Voice speakers are designed to deliver outstandingsound quality and performance for any application, from studio monitors to PAsystems. FEW can offer you the latest Electro-Voice speakers, such as the EVOLVE50M, which are column loudspeaker systems that combine an eight-channeldigital mixer, a 1000 W subwoofer, and a wide-dispersion array with Bluetoothaudio and control.
・Biamp Amplifiers: Biamp is a leading provider of professional AV equipment well-suited for a variety of applications, including conferencing, paging, and video. Biamp amplifiers are powerful and versatile devices that can drive your speakers with ease and efficiency. FEW can offer you the latest Biamp amplifiers, such as the Tesira AMP-450P, which is a four-channel amplifier that supports 100/70/25V constant voltage systems and has an integrated power supply.
CMDS Systems
These are sound systems that distribute musicfrom a central source to multiple zones or rooms in a building. They can becontrolled by a single interface or remote devices. They can also be integratedwith other systems, such as intercom, paging, or security. FEW can provide youwith the best CMDS systems in the market, such as:
・Biamp TesiraFORTÉ X Series: These are fixed audio DSP devices that supportboth AVB/TSN and Dante networked audio. They can handle up to 32 x 32 channelsof audio and have four mic/line inputs and four line outputs. They also have USB audio capabilities and support VoIP/SIP telephony
・Biamp Desono Speakers: These are high-quality speakers that aredesigned for various environments and applications. They have a sleek and elegantappearance and deliver clear and natural sound. They also have easyinstallation and configuration features. FEW can offer you various types of Biamp Desono speakers, such asceiling, surface mount, pendant, column line source, or subwoofers
・Biamp Parlé Microphones: These are beamtracking microphones that usemultiple microphone elements to create virtual microphones that track and mixvoices intelligently. They can capture every voice in the room with clarity andconsistency. They also have acoustic echo cancellation and noise reductionfeatures. FEW can offer you various types of Biamp Parlé microphones, such asceiling, tabletop, or pendant
Public Address Systems
These are sound systems that are used to makeannouncements or broadcast music to a large audience in public spaces, such asairports, stadiums, schools, or malls. They can also be used for emergencycommunication or evacuation purposes. FEW can provide you with the best publicaddress systems in the market, such as:
・Biamp Vocia: This is a networked public address system that offers scalability, reliability, and flexibility. It can handle multiple zones and sources of audio with ease and efficiency. It also has advanced features such as paging prioritization, message playback scheduling, fault monitoring, ambient noise compensation, and voice lift
・Community Loudspeakers: Community is a brand of Biamp that specializes in loudspeakers for various applications and environments. Community loudspeakers are known for their durability, performance, and quality. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and deliver high-fidelity sound. FEW can offer you various types of Community loudspeakers, such as point source, line array, projectors and horns, or subwoofers
・Apart Audio: Apart Audio is another brand of Biamp thatfocuses on audio solutions for small and medium-sized applications. Apart Audioproducts are easy to use, install, and maintain. They offer a wide range ofaudio devices, such as amplifiers, mixers, speakers, microphones, or musicplayers. FEW can offer you various types of Apart Audio products, such as ceilingspeakers, wall speakers, pendant speakers, or column speakers
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